Exhaust System Diagnosis

If you notice that your engine noise is louder than usual, your vehicle is vibrating, a reduction in fuel efficiency, rattling sounds at the tailpipe, or the smell of sulfur, you may be due for an exhaust system evaluation. The team at Curry’s Auto Inc. will run full diagnostic services to determine the root cause of your issues and make recommendations to get your exhaust system back up in working order.


Your vehicle’s muffler is used to cancel out the sound of your exhaust system while controlling the backpressure of the engine. If your muffler has a hole, you can experience a carbon monoxide leak, so it’s critical to repair it to stay safe. For muffler, exhaust system, or straight piping work for autos, make sure you contact a professional exhaust shop or auto repair service, as a DIY muffler patch is never a good idea. Curry’s Auto Inc. can support any of your muffler needs to make sure your exhaust system runs optimally.

Exhaust Pipes

The engine produces fumes from the combustion process that creates exhaust fumes. These fumes exit through an exhaust manifold and enter the exhaust pipe, which carries them through the catalytic converter, the muffler, and finally the exhaust tip. The exhaust pipe is continuously exposed to corrosive gasses and extremely hot temperatures, and over time, it can rust from the inside or outside, or crack at any of its flanges. When the exhaust pipe cracks or a hole forms in the exhaust pipe, let Curry’s Auto Inc. take care of its repair or replacement.

Crossover & Tail Pipes

Your vehicle’s fuel combustion process generates harmful gasses that can cause serious engine damage to your vehicle and your health. The intricate exhaust system is made up of a series of pipes that filter and direct the fumes away and out of your vehicle. The crossover and tail pipes work together to complete the function of the exhaust system by directing exhaust gasses away from your vehicle’s body and into the atmosphere. Curry’s Auto Inc. has the experience, tools, and know-how to properly care for all of your crossover and tail pipe needs.

Exhaust System Image

Clamps & Hangers

Without clamps, hangers, or straps, your exhaust system is at risk of hanging low to the ground, exposing it to the open road and causing damaging wear and tear. If you’re missing these crucial exhaust system components, unwanted leaks and damage will become routine and can be costly. Curry’s Auto Inc. can get you ahead of the game by replacing and installing appropriate clamps and hangers to extend and improve the life of your exhaust system.

Exhaust Manifolds

The exhaust manifold expels burned exhaust gasses away from the engine and directs them toward the vehicle’s tailpipe. It traps the upper layer of the exhaust manifold to the top of the cylinder, which stops leaks. The continual growth and reduction of the parts caused by the continual cooling and heating of the engine can cause the manifold to release these gasses before they’re expelled through the tailpipe. When this happens, Curry’s Auto Inc. can quickly diagnose the problem and repair or replace the exhaust manifold to make sure your exhaust system is fully operational again.

Catalytic Converters

Your vehicle’s catalytic converter is legally required to pass periodic emissions tests that many state governments require. Problems with the catalytic converter can cause it to overheat, creating a fire hazard under the vehicle. A failed emissions test could indicate a problem with the catalytic converter, and a rotten egg smell is a common symptom as well. This important piece of equipment is crucial to maintain, and Curry’s Auto Inc. has the experience to handle any of your catalytic converter needs.