Fuel System Diagnosis

When you bring your vehicle into Curry’s Auto Inc. to get the fuel system cleaned, our technicians will go over the system carefully to ensure each component is properly cleaned and maintained by using a comprehensive fuel system cleaning process. This process allows technicians to carefully clean your system without causing damage to the delicate components. They will also analyze and diagnose any other issues related to your fuel system to provide comprehensive repair and replacement services.

Gas Fuel Injection

The fuel injection system in your vehicle requires regular maintenance and repairs to properly distribute gas for the combustion process. The injectors provide a fuel spray pattern in the cylinder to create ideal combustion conditions. Without the right pattern, fuel may remain unburned, causing rich conditions in the engine. Over time, rich conditions lead to poor gas mileage, carbon buildup, and power loss. The technicians at Curry’s Auto Inc. can quickly have your fuel injectors serviced to keep your engine in good working order.

Glow Plugs

Diesel fuel self-ignites under pressure, but very cold temperatures can prevent ignition. Unlike spark plugs, which create an arc of electricity, glow plugs preheat the cylinder so the fuel can ignite more easily in such frigid conditions. The electrode heats up, glowing like the filament in an incandescent light bulb, and provides assistance to ignite the diesel fuel. If you suspect a problem with the glow plug on your diesel engine, Curry’s Auto Inc. can inspect and replace them.

Fuel Hoses

Your vehicle’s fuel hose, also called the fuel line, is made of plastic, metal, or rubber. It delivers gas from the fuel tank to the fuel pump and from there, your fuel is delivered to the engine’s central combustion chamber, either through fuel injection (in newer vehicles) or a carburetor (in older models). If the hose leaks, you’re going to lose fuel and confront serious vehicle safety issues. The team at Curry’s Auto Inc. can diagnose fuel hose issues and make the appropriate repairs and replacements to make sure your vehicle is safe and efficient.

Fuel Tanks

Curry’s Auto Inc. can diagnose, repair, replace, clean, and restore any fuel tank. Overuse, age, and fuel types can cause significant fuel tank damage and erosion and it’s important to have a seasoned mechanic look at your fuel tank to determine the best course of action for your specific vehicle.

Fuel System Image

Fuel Gauges

The fuel gauge on your vehicle’s dash interprets the resistance and indicates the fuel level with a needle on your cluster. If the fuel gauge sender isn’t working, you will get an inaccurate reading on your fuel gauge. Curry’s Auto Inc. can easily replace any fuel gauge to make sure you get accurate readings at all times.

Fuel Pumps

The maintenance and replacement of your vehicle’s fuel pump are essential to the car’s overall health. If you consistently drive your vehicle until the engine is almost out of gas, there is a high probability that your vehicle will eventually require a fuel pump replacement. The technicians at Curry’s Auto Inc. can give your car a comprehensive inspection to make sure your fuel pump is in working order.

Fuel Filters

The fuel filter keeps dirt and contaminants that may be in your fuel system from reaching sensitive components like fuel injectors, where they could affect the engine’s performance. You can optimize the performance and longevity of your fuel system with a visit to Curry’s Auto Inc. for a fuel filter replacement.