Looking for a Trustworthy Auto Repair Shop in Muscatine? We’re Here for You!

    Have you been trying to find an auto repair shop in Muscatine that meets your needs? Curry’s Auto is here to help you! Our team of professionals has diverse experiences and fully understands the unique nature of mechanical work. In fact, we work on almost every vehicle you can imagine to ensure you get the hands-on experience you deserve.

    We’re Happy to Work With Domestic Vehicles

    At Curry’s Auto, we have many years of experience with the best domestic vehicles on the market. As the most trusted auto repair shop in Muscatine, we know something about cars built in the USA makes them feel special. Our team loves working with domestic brands and can help repair and maintain vehicles from manufacturers as diverse as:

    • AMC
    • Ford
    • GMC
    • Buick
    • Cadillac
    • Chevrolet
    • Jeep
    • Lincoln
    • Chrysler
    • Dodge
    • Plymouth
    • Saturn

    Note that these aren’t the only brands we work with at Curry’s! We have experience with just about every manufacturer in America and feel comfortable working with them. Many of our team have driven domestic cars their whole lives and understand how to diagnose problems as diverse as engine issues, wheel damage, and even exhaust concerns.

    Just as importantly, we will pay close attention to any recalls that your vehicle might have on it. It’s our goal to identify issues with your car as quickly as possible, diagnose what is going wrong, and provide the hands-on support you deserve. In this way, you can drive your domestic vehicle without worrying about sudden and unfortunate breakdowns.

    Our Team Can Work With Foreign Cars As Well

    At Curry’s Auto, we’re not snobbish about foreign vehicles: some of the best manufacturers today are in Japan, Korea, and Germany! That’s why we’re more than welcoming to cars from companies like Acura, Isuzu, Lexus, Audi, Peugeot, BMW, Porsche, Mazda, GEO, Suzuki, Honda, Hyundai, Nisson, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Toyota, and Mercedes. In this way, we provide the expert repair support you need for your car, no matter where it was manufactured.

    Don’t Forget: We Have Experience With Motorhomes!

    Have you been looking for a trustworthy auto repair shop in Muscatine that can help with motorhomes? We’re here to help! At Curry’s Auto, we understand the significant differences between cars and motorhomes and love working on them. We have experience working on just about every model and manufacturer that you can imagine, including:

    • Winnebago
    • Cortez
    • Explorer
    • Chinook
    • Rambler
    • Fleetwood

    Our team fully understands each of these motorhome manufacturers and the different approaches they take to their vehicles. Working on a Winnebago is undoubtedly much different than a Chinook, and we take our time researching each model, finding out unique things about them, and providing hands-on support that makes sense for your needs.

    As importantly, we’ll do what we can to ensure you avoid future problems. For example, many people make the mistake of not winterizing their motorhomes. That’s a huge problem that can cause severe damage to the engine. Our team at Curry’s Auto can help winterize your motorhome to ensure it doesn’t get damaged throughout the long winter.

    We Provide The Service Quality You Deserve

    At Curry’s Auto, we work hard to ensure our clients get the high-quality service expertise they deserve. That’s why we provide multiple repair options for every issue you can experience. It’s our goal to ensure that you walk away happy with your repairs and to be the best auto repair shop in Muscatine. Just a few services we provide include:

    • Brake system repairs
    • Cooling and heating system upgrades
    • Electrical system enhancement
    • General car care support
    • Fuel system repairs
    • Suspension and steering upgrades
    • Exhaust system fixes
    • Towing if your car breaks down

    We believe in providing the most diverse service options available to ensure you walk away from our shop satisfied. It’s crucial that all our customers get the same quality experience, which is why we’re continually seeking to add more service options to our shop. In fact, we’re constantly looking for innovations and technology to meet your needs.

    That’s what separates us from the also-ran auto repair shops in Muscatine: we work hard and fight for your needs. We don’t look at you as just a customer but as part of the family. Our dedication to Muscatine is well known and is a significant part of our success. If you’re unsure, don’t take our word for it: our many five-star reviews speak for themselves.

    We’re Here to Help You!

    Curry’s Auto is the kind of auto repair shop in Muscatine that you’ve been hoping to find. Our team of professionals is dedicated to the area and diverse enough to work on just about every repair need. We’re one of the few mechanics in the area that works on motorhomes. That alone makes us more than worth your time and energy.